Lisa Lauffs (1995, Germany)
Currently in my final year of the Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design

In our time dominated by internet and social media we are used to sharing things about our lives to a great extent, yet these things are curated and staged to create a certain image. We are open about a lot of things, but do they really say anything about our lives on a deeper level?

In my work I place great importance on unfiltered authenticity and straight-forwardness. Often stemming from a place of desperation, I aim to confront the viewers with an honest state; a certain emotion or a part of human existence. I try to show these things in a way that doesn’t evaluate or contextualize them in order to keep the often very personal feelings universal, creating potential for relating or knowing. Often repetitive or bleak, I allow people to see things as they are; the vulnerability, boredom, despair, and sometimes a hint of humor. In capturing conditions from my personal life, my goal is to mirror or bring to light realities in our society and individual humanness, yet once handed to the viewer I leave it completely open to them whether or not it is something they can see in themselves.